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News | May 12 2020

Record Harvest Expected for Pink Tomatoes from Spain

Although the figures are in line with 2019, local producers of Spanish pink tomatoes are still looking at record numbers.

Pink tomateos from Spain

Pink tomatoes are expected to have a big season this April, with harvest numbers exceeding 2.25 million kilos in Somontano de Barbastro, Huesca. Although this figure is well in line with the 2019 sales volume, it’s still a record amount of tomatoes.

The main producers are companies such as Fernando Fredes, Óscar Olivera, Carlos Giral and Terra Agronómica. The latter will be responsible for the bulk of production and is expected to yield around 600,000 kilos. That greenhouse has plans to expand the area dedicated to growing pink tomatoes but it probably won’t move forward until late 2020 or 2021.

Consumers in various markets have been very receptive to these Barbastro pink tomatoes, and the trademark registration and the product’s quality are believed to be impacting sales forecasts.

For example, these tomatoes have proven to be very popular in London, and their status is attributed to promotion by the company Pyrenees Fine Foods. According to Terra Agronómica, their product’s success in that market will depend on many factors in the future.



Pink tomateos from Spain

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