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News | Jun 17 2019

Sabor Ranks 5th on UK’s Top 100 Restaurants List

Opened in 2018, Nieves Barragan and the team at Sabor bring Londoners the unique flavors of Spain, delicious fish and seafood, and grilled dishes

Sabor Ranks 5th on UK’s Top 100 Restaurants List 

The official list of the UK’s Top 100 Restaurants has been released, and there’s a decidedly Spanish flavor among the top picks. The list, which is compiled based on voting by 150 chefs, food writers, and restaurateurs from across the UK, generally features new locals as opposed to the more longstanding, established restaurants.

The fifth restaurant on the list is Sabor, which opened in February of 2018, a little over a year ago. The mastermind behind it, Nieves Barragán, is no stranger to the business, as she was the executive chef at the popular tapas bar Barrafina for a decade.

For this project, she teamed up with José Etura, and together their goal is to take customers “on a journey from the tapas bars of Andalusia through to the asadors of Castile and the seafood restaurants of Galicia.”

The restaurant is divided into three different areas: the counter, the bar, and the asador, each of which takes guests on a distinct adventure to sample the flavors of different parts of the country. At the bar, Sabor serves a variety of interesting drinks, such as Spanish vermouth, gin, sherry, wine, beer, and even txacoli. At the counter, customers can enjoy regional dishes from Spain as well as fish and seafood. And at the asador, the main attraction are dishes prepared in the traditional wood-fired oven.

This is not Sabor’s first (or last) prestigious award: it received a Michelin star in 2018.

Sabor Ranks 5th on UK’s Top 100 Restaurants List / Photo by: Sabor Restaurant

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