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News | Jul 08 2019

Little San Sebastian, in Japan, Slated to Open in 2019

This area, in the town of Taki, will include 6 pintxos bars and a center for olive oil and ham, and will offer tourists an alternative to Japanese cuisine and culture

Pintxos in San Sebastian. Photo: Toya Legido/@ICEX.

Tourists visiting Japan are in for a surprising treat. In the small town of Taki, with 15,000 inhabitants, located southwest of Tokyo, a street will be dedicated to northern Spain and its world-famous flavors.

Technically, the area will be called Little San Sebastian, and the street will be home to six pintxos bars. There will be two special centers, one focused on olive oil and the other on ham. The complex is under construction and should be completed by the end of 2019, and there are plans to involve a leading regional chef in the project.

Who’s to thank for this soon-to-be culinary wonderland? The mayor of Taki and an entrepreneur. They visited San Sebastian to better understand the cuisine and connect with local business people. According to the latter, Tetsuia Tachibana, in diariovasco.com, “Basque gastronomy is very well known and increasingly appreciated in Japan. Having a specific area with a name that directly references San Sebastian is essential for the project to succeed.” San Sebastian’s mayor is well aware of the project and is doing everything to help it advance.

The people behind the project see it as a way to offer an alternative to Japanese cuisine while also creating a platform where both countries can exchange culinary expertise.

This project has a considerable potential tourism impact, as 12 million people usually visit Taki each year.

Little San Sebastian, in Japan. Luis Carré / @ICEX

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