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News | Mar 26 2019

Spanish Beer Exports to China Exhibit Spectacular Growth

Spanish beer is an increasingly popular product in China, a market with considerable scope for growth

Spanish Beer Exports to China Exhibit Spectacular Growth

Chinese consumers are getting hooked on a Spanish product: beer. In fact, the last few years have seen an incredible boom in beer exports there, driven by growing interest among the Chinese and tireless promotion by Spain’s beer producers.

According to the General Director of Cerveceros de España, Jacobo Olalla, the sector has seen “spectacular results.” In fact, “in the last ten years, beer exports have expanded by 250%,” according to an article in spanish.xinhaunet.com. He also noted that China has incredible upside potential, a huge number of consumers, a growing economy, and an emerging population with purchasing power and a penchant for quality products, one of which is beer from Spain.

It all goes back to 2008, when Spain was getting walloped by the financial crisis. Producers had no choice but to focus on internationalization, first looking to Portugal and the UK, for their proximity and beer-drinking traditions, respectively; however, later the opportunity arose to start exporting to China, and the rest is history. Spanish beer was extremely well received, and exports have increased ever since.

Last year, China ranked fourth in the world in terms of the value of Spanish beer imports and third in terms of volume, with an impressive 54 million liters. In fact, exports in 2018 increased by 12.4% in terms of value and by 18.6% in terms of volume compared with 2017, according to the same article.

Spanish Beer Exports to China Exhibit Spectacular Growth. Fernando Madariaga / @ICEX

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