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News | Mar 10 2020

Spanish Cheese Makes Top 20 at World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin

Ibérico Mixed Milk Hard Cheese was one of 20 finalists vying for the title, and a handful of other cheeses from Spain also went home with distinctions.

Spanish cheese. Photo by: Dehesa de los Llanos

The World Championship Cheese Contest, held recently in Madison, Wisconsin, has officially announced its winners. At this year’s edition, there was a total of 3,667 entries, which set a new record.

The panel of judges narrowed it down to a group of 20 finalists, which were vying for the title of World Champion Cheese. In the end, a Swiss cheese took the top honor, but there was one Spanish cheese included in the top 20: Ibérico Mixed Milk Hard Cheese, from Lácteas Garcia Baquero, SA in Alcázar de San Juan, Spain.

Other Spanish cheese received distinctions as part of the contest. This included DO Manchego Dehesa de los Llanos Semicured cheese, from Dehesa de Los Llanos, in Albacete, which took home the Best of Class award in the Hard Sheep’s Milk Cheese category; Maxorata Majorero cheese, from Maxorata in Fuenteventura, Canary Islands, which received the second award in the Semi-Soft (Semi-Hard) Goat’s Milk Cheese category; DM Curado, from Ilbesa, in Zamora, which received the second award in the Hard Sheep’s Milk Cheese category; and cured cheese from organically-raised sheep in organic Syrah wine, from Hacienda Zorita in Salamanca, which took home the second award in the Sheep’s Milk Cheese category.

In short, Spanish cheeses held their own in this highly competitive competition to find the best and most unique cheeses from all over the world

Spanish hard cheese. Photo by: Lácteas García Baquero
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