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News | Dec 23 2020

Spanish Delicacies on Every Spanish Dinner Table at Christmas

Turrón, roscón, polvorones and mantecados, marzipan and cava are just a few seasonal foods that Spaniards love

Spanish Delicacies on Every Spanish Dinner Table at Christmas / @IStock

When the holidays roll around, several stellar products make their appearance at Spanish households. Here are five products that Spaniards love during the holidays.

Turrón is a nougat and is very popular as a Christmas dessert. It’s made from honey, sugar, egg white and toasted almonds or other nuts. It can be soft, chewy or crunchy and there are lots of varieties, from turrón with chocolate, with fruit pralines, sugarless, and with or without liquor.

Another is called roscón de reyes. This is a round cake with a hole in the center. Oftentimes it’s sliced in the middle and it has a cream or chocolate filling and candied fruits on top. It’s typically eaten on January 6th, which is King’s Day (or Día de Reyes). Roscón means “cake in the shape of a crown.”

Other popular holiday sweets are polvorónes and mantecados. These are small cakes, called dust cakes and crumble cakes. These have been produced since the 16th century. Both are types of shortbread and are made with flour, sugar, milk and almonds.

Another sweet that’s popular during the holidays is marzipan. The best marzipan comes from Toledo, though it can be found throughout Spain. It’s mainly made with sugar, honey and almond meal. The first reference to marzipan dates back to 1512.

One more product that’s on just about every dinner table in Spain is indubitably cava. This sparkling wine is very popular during the holidays, and the two most popular producers in Spain are Codorníu and Freixenet.

Spanish Delicacies on Every Spanish Dinner Table at Christmas / @IStock

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