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News | Sep 18 2019

Spanish Flavors in the Spotlight at the San Sebastian Film Festival

In the portion of the festival dedicated to films inspired by gastronomy, Spanish chefs will be featured and will prepare outstanding meals in parallel.

The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) is organizing a very special part of the 67th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival: the Culinary Zinema, which will highlight films inspired by gastronomy. Additionally, seven dinners will be organized, led by 14 top chefs from Spain and beyond, specifically tied to the films.

Spain will be in the spotlight several times during the festival. On September 22nd, the film Bittor Arginzoniz. Vivir en el Silencio, by Iñaki Arteta, will be screened. In parallel, chefs Juan Zaldua, Aitor Arregi, and Xabi Gorrotxategi will team up at the BCC to pay homage to Arginzoniz, from Asador Etxebarri. They will combine expertise, technique and tradition to roast a world-class meal.
On September 25th, after the film Cocinar Belleza, by Sergio Piera, Michelin-star chef Quique Dacosta will take the BCC stoves by storm to “surprise guests with his renowned artistic expression in the kitchen… personifying quality, excellence, innovation and tradition.”

Other films and chef experiences will include La Leyenda de Don Julio: Corazon & Hueso, on September 21st,  for which Pablo Rivero from Don Julio restaurant in Buenos Aires will prepare a meal, and A Taste of Pho, on September 23rd, for which Ly Leap, Mikel Gallo and Ni Neu will be cooking. On the 24th, Zer Jan, Hura Izan and Sora No Restaurant / Restaurant From the Sky will be screened, and Edorta Amo, Robertio Ruiz, Hika, Luis Salcedo and Luke Dolphin will prepare several dishes using native, local ingredients. In conjunction with The Wandering Chef, Im Jiho will be cooking, and after Un Sabor de Cielo / A Taste of the Sky, Kenzo Hirose Velasco and Marsia Taha Mohamed Salas will prepare a meal.

Culinary Zinema 2019

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