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News | Nov 03 2017

Spanish Flavors Invade Seattle at Culinary School Event

The 2-day event will include a paella workshop, presentations on everything from olive oil to Ibérico ham, and a dinner at a local Spanish restaurant


The eagerly anticipated Day of Spain festivities will get underway in Washington on November 9th and 10th, and will be held at the Seattle Culinary Academy. On the first day of the event, several seminars will be offered on Spanish gastronomy and participants will be given an up-close look at a selection of Spain’s most emblematic ingredients—sherry vinegar, olive oil, cheese, and Ibérico ham, to name a few. There will also be a workshop dedicated solely to paella, and the importer Culinary Collective will give students a presentation on Spanish products. Chefs will prepare tapas for attendees, and a wine tasting will be offered. The goal is to teach future chefs about Spanish ingredients with a view to using them in their dishes.

On the second day, food industry professionals, including importers, distributors and the trade media, will be invited to a Spanish restaurant in the city for a special culinary event. The chef will give a presentation on Spanish food and products and will prepare several tapas using top-flight ingredients.

It’s worth noting that Seattle Culinary School and ICEX have a long-standing relationship that highlights Spanish food. For example, several graduates have participated in ICEX’s Spanish Gastronomy Training Program, and the school organizes an annual tapas competition. These kinds of activities are important in that they further strengthen Spanish gastronomy’s image abroad.


Future chefs will be schooled on the virtues of Spanish ingredients and dishes, and trade professionals will learn all about tapas Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX
Culinary School
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