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News | Jul 07 2021

Spanish Marmalades Win Big at the 2021 Marmalade Awards

From classic bitter orange marmalade to creative concepts like apple, lemon and rum, Spanish companies showed their strength at the competition

Spain’s organic marmalade sector is celebrating their big wins after taking home several prizes at the prestigious 2021 edition of The World’s Original Marmalade Awards. This year’s competition, organized annually at the Dalemain mansion in the north of England, saw an impressive number of entries: over 3,000, setting a new record. Jars from 30 different countries competed for distinctions, from Brazil and the Dominican Republic to Japan and Kuwait.

Spanish Marmalades win in The World's Original Marmalade Awards.

There were several winners from Spain, such as Montserrat Rull, whose Seville Orange and Palo Cortado marmalade took home a gold artisan award and its Orange Marmalade and Orange Vermouth Marmalades, which received silver distinctions. Its Orange and Seville Orange Marmalade also took home a bronze award. Two of Les Fonts’ marmalades received silver artisan awards: Sevilla Orange and Chocolate and Lemon with Fresh Mint, and its Orange Marmalade received a bronze award as well. Another Spanish company, Mi Mermelada Favorita, received silver artisan awards for its Naranjado: Valencia Orange & Vermouth Preserve and its Ruby Yeye: Grapefruit, Ginger and Lemon Preserve. The company’s Cubano: Apple, Lemon & Rum Preserve took home a bronze medal. Lorusso y Saez also won several distinctions, including two gold artisan awards for their Lady Bitter Orange and Lady Orange Marmalades, and a silver award for their Mandarino Imperial Marmalade. Overall, Spanish marmalades shined at the competition, showing another food segment where companies excel.


Spanish Marmalades win in The World's Original Marmalade Awards
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