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News | Sep 05 2018

Spanish Products Now Available to French and Italian Consumers on Amazon

The retail giant and ICEX have worked together to make it happen, and now 500 Spanish companies with around 3,000 products are available online


French and Italian consumers rejoice—they can now get their hands on top Spanish products on Amazon.

Originally, the e-commerce giant and ICEX joined forces to make thousands of Spanish foods and beverages available to people in the UK, Spain and Germany, back in February. However, as from this summer, consumers in France and Italy can now purchase a wide range of ingredients to enjoy at home. With these two new additions, Spanish items are now available on all of Amazon’s websites in the European Union.

There are currently more than 500 companies selling around 3,000 products across all five websites, and just about every Spanish product imaginable is now available: olive oil and vinegar, canned products, wines and other alcoholic beverages, cheese, honey, marmalade, olives and other pickled products, and ham and cured meats, among others.

Amazon is the leading B2C platform in the world, and sales in the EU alone reached 46 billion dollars in 2016. It’s also worth noting that the markets where Spanish products are now available are the main export destinations for our agri-food products as well as the primary countries of origin of tourists visiting Spain.


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