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News | Dec 21 2018

Spanish Stews, The Best Way to Stay Warm in Winter

As the weather gets colder, there’s nothing like sitting down with a delicious bowl of hot Spanish soup or stew

Spanish Stews, The Best Way to Stay Warm in Winter

The holidays are coming, it’s cold outside, and nothing tastes better than a piping hot stew. Spain is famous around the world for many of its products, from olive oil to Ibérico ham, but it also excels when it comes to soups and stews. There’s no shortage of options to keep you warm this winter. Here are some of our favorites.

First is Rioja-style potatoes, which is especially popular in Rioja and Alava and is made with olive oil, onion, garlic, red pepper, chorizo, salt and sweet and spicy paprika. It’s a popular starter and is particularly delicious.

Cocido is a traditional stew from Madrid that people eat all year long but which tastes great in winter. There are several versions, one of which involves serving first a dish with stock and noodles, followed by a dish with garbanzos and vegetables, and lastly a dish with meat: blood sausage, chicken, ham, chorizo, sausage, etc. Although all of the ingredients are prepared together, they are served separately.

A popular stew in the Basque County is marmitako, which was traditionally eaten by fishermen while out on their boats. This dish revolves around tuna, and is also made with onion, green pepper, potatoes, garlic, dried peppers (pimiento choricero), tomato, parsley, olive oil and txakoli wine.

Lastly, Navarre-style bean stew is easy to make and will keep you warm. You will need white haricot beans, which is the base of the dish, as well as carrot, garlic, red and green pepper, leek, tomato, extra virgin olive oil and spicy paprika.

Spanish Stews, The Best Way to Stay Warm in Winter. Toya Legido / @ICEX

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