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News | Apr 10 2019

Tinned Fish from Spain, A Popular Trend at US Restaurants

Restaurants and wine bars are offering canned fish, from sardines to mackerel, from Spain and other countries to very receptive customers

Tinned Fish from Spain, A Popular Trend at US Restaurants

Tinned fish is a trend that is gathering steam and consumers are showing increasing interest in these preserved products. In fact, data from Bloomberg suggests that this particular market could be worth an impressive $36.7 billion by 2021. While the trend is more popular in Europe and Asia at the moment, restaurants and consumers in the US are also jumping on the bandwagon.

Whether it’s the colorful tins or the delicious taste of sardines in olive oil, people are starting to show their love for canned products, with restaurants serving the tins right on the plate.

Canned products have a long history in Spain’s Basque Country, where some of the best seafood in the world—including anchovies and tuna—comes from, and there are popular restaurant in New York City, such as Huertas, that have made a name for themselves serving tinned fish. These products often pair quite well with higher-acidity wines, and canned fish and wine pairings as a combination are gaining in popularity.

It’s not just Spanish restaurants that are serving these products. Locales across the country are adding them to their menus. The list includes Maiden Lane, in New York City, which serves a wide selection of tinned seafood with natural wines and craft beer; Ordinaire, in Oakland, California, offers its customers the same combinations; and Saltie Girl and Haley Henry, both in Boston, serve a lot of tinned fish, the former claiming to offer the biggest selection in all of New England. Other places include Cata Vino and Mercado Wine Bar, in Detroit, offers sherry with tinned seafood from Spain; Sardine Head, in Portland, sells tinned fish from Spain, among other countries; and Hayden, a wine bar in Los Angeles, also offers these preserved products from Spain.

Tinned Fish from Spain, A Popular Trend at US Restaurants. LH Photoagency JC de Marcos / @ICEX
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