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News | Jan 02 2019

Winter Foods You Can Find in Any Spanish Household

When the temperature drops, we tend to prefer warmer food. In Spain, people like their bean stews and broth, among other products

Spanish fish soup


It’s wintertime in Spain, which means now is the perfect time of year to get your hands on something warm and delicious. And when it comes to Spanish cuisine, there are plenty of dishes that fit the bill.
One product is stock—chicken, beef or fish. Spaniards like to warm up with a hot bowl of broth in the winter.

Another item is legumes, and any kind will do. In Spain, people love to eat stews, and the cold weather is the perfect excuse to make lentils, cocido, fabada, or any other of the very popular bean-based dishes Spaniards have a penchant for eating.

Staples like eggs and potatoes are probably easy to come by in most homes. Spaniards would be quick to whip up a nice, warm Spanish omelet with those ingredients.

Another product they might have in their kitchen cabinet is hot chocolate. The churros and chocolate tradition involves a cup of very thick, hot chocolate, and there’s no better time to indulge in this than in winter.

Winter is the perfect season for fresh products such as chard, card, artichokes, apples, citrus...

A final product, or group of products, that can be found in Spaniards’ homes in winter (and all year round for that matter) is ham. People often buy or gift ham legs and shoulders during the Christmas holidays, so they’re a common sight in winter.

And there’s nothing like staying inside when the winds are blowing and the temperature drops and enjoying a delicious plate of Ibérico ham and a wonderful glass of red wine, white wine, cava or even a fantastic Manzanilla or Fino Sherry wine.

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Spanish citrus / @iStock

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