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News | Mar 13 2018

Preparations Underway for the World Olive Oil Exhibition

The 2018 World Olive Oil Exhibition will be held on March 21 and 22 in Madrid, where it will welcome exhibitors and buyers from the top olive oil producing regions in the world, of which none is more prolific than Spain.

World Olive Oil Exhibition in Madrid


Madrid's IFEMA convention center is preparing to host representatives from the global olive industry for the latest edition of the World Olive Oil Exhibition, which will feature products and companies from Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Italy, Greece and Spain, the latter of which is of course the world’s number one producer and exporter of this liquid gold.

This key industry conference is an ideal opportunity for professionals from these countries to come together to promote and pursue new business opportunities, while also creating a forum to discuss the latest trends in the olive oil world.

The Exhibition also serves as the backdrop for a variety of talks, activities, presentations and cooking demonstrations, which are divided into a number of different parallel events. The "Gourmet Area," which is run by Galician chef Kike Piñeiro, is a space for exploring the innumerable creative and culinary applications for olive oil in gastronomy. The "Olive Oil Bar" welcomes visitors to taste more than one hundred virgin and extra-virgin olive oils at their leisure. The “Delicatessen with Olive Oil” features a range of products made with olive oil, including chocolates, potato chips, cosmetics and more. And the list of featured conferences examine topics ranging from health issues like “Alzheimer’s and olive pomace oil” and “New therapeutic applications of EVOO: diabetes, cancer, inflammation,” to “The evolution of packaging and commercialization of the olive oil industry; the choice of contents in visual design,” and “Quality control of the olive oil in Madrid’s cafes and restaurants,” among others.

The 2017 edition of this international event boasted over 3,000 professional visitors from thirty different countries and 187 exhibiting companies.


This key industry conference is an ideal opportunity for professionals from these countries to come together to promote and pursue new business opportunities.  Adrienne Smith/@ICEX
World Olive Oil Exhibition in Madrid
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