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News | Jun 14 2018

Renowned Chef Xavier Pellicer Presents Xavier Pellicer restaurant in BCN

Acclaimed Spanish chef Xavier Pellicer is at it again, this time with the launch of what is arguably his most personal project yet, a restaurant that bears this chef’s name in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood.

Xavier Pellicer restaurant in Barcelona

This new venture is the successor to the chef’s Michelin-starred Céleri (now-closed), and a reflection of Pellicer’s commitment to biodynamic cuisine and focus on organic, local and healthy products that make it possible to create a balance between cuisine that makes you enjoy yourself and also feel good while doing it.

Biodynamically-grown vegetables and organic meats and fish are all on the menu, which is characterized by three culinary techniques that form the foundations for many of the dishes: the use of chargrilling, the wok and various spices. The kitchen is helmed by chef Piero Roncoroni, who is charge of preparing both the new dishes and some of the classic favorites from Pellicer, including his gazpacho of beets, tomato and cherries; the red lentil hummus; and the cauliflower puree.

The wine list will follow the same theme, featuring fifty-five biodynamic, organic and/or natural wines, chosen by sommelier Albert Pérez Esteban.


Xavier Pellicer restaurant in Barcelona

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