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Jul 22 2019

Anchovies from l'Escala

Semi-conserved anchovy product (Engraulis Encrasicholus), which after salting becomes known in Spanish as anchoa. It is preserved in brine and once salted, it is bottled with olive oil or commercialized in the brine itself.

Tasting notes

Tender meat with a strong dry salty flavor mixed with the flavor of the fish itself.

Other notes

Coloring ranging from brown to pinkish-red, sometimes with reddish coloring in the area of the backbone. The flesh has a firm consistency. The anchovies from l’Escala are usually commercialized with a size of approximately 9 cm long.

Production / Processing method

Before salting the anchovies, the entrails and head are removed, making sure to retain some of the blood. The clean pieces are placed in cans or bottles alternating one layer of anchovies and another of salt, and then pressed beneath a weight. There they are matured and cured for at least two months, after which time they are removed and bottled or canned in brine or in olive or sunflower oil.

Geography / Relief and climate

The town of l'Escala is located in the heart of the Costa Brava in the province of Girona, where there is a predominantly Mediterranean climate.

The anchovies from l’Escala are usually commercialized with a size of approximately 9 cm long.
Anchovies from l'Escala
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