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About Spain Foodtech Nation

We are one of the only "foodtech nations” worldwide focus on the leveraging of deep tech solutions and next gen innovation, based on our long and valuable gastronomic background on which we are working to build the next generation of food. The superiority of our food industry is not only represented through its quality, efficiency and sustainability but also on the budding food security and safety it offers as well as the clear movement towards a kinder planet lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on the gastronomic excellence, food heritage and culture that binds our gastronomic DNA with the rest of the world through art, innovation, tradition and unique taste that establishes us as a renowned global referent in the complete agri-food supply chain and a pioneer for new, cutting-edge innovations in the discovery for new food sources. With a robust foundation of innovative value and players that power our continuous growth including universities, science parks, technology centers and spinoffs alongside large corporations and innovative new startups, we have no doubt that our country holds the key to solving new industry challenges. The next generation of FoodTech has arrived.



Spain Foodtech nation

Spain As The New “Foodtech Nation”

Spain is one of the only “foodtech nations” worldwide that focuses not only on its valuable gastronomic background but the leveraging of some of the worlds most disruptive technology, to bring the global audience the next generation of food.


Three Young Spanish Farmers Recognized for Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

From healthier beef and organic nutraceuticals to recovering old cheese traditions, young Spanish farmers are in the spotlight at these national awards

Cabrales cheese. Juan Manuel Sanz/@ICEX
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