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Mar 30, 2020

Three Young Spanish Farmers Recognized for Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

From healthier beef and organic nutraceuticals to recovering old cheese traditions, young Spanish farmers are in the spotlight at these national awards

Photo by: Casa Gutier.

The 6th edition of the Asaja National Awards for Young Farmers has recognized three outstanding individuals for their commitment to RDI, sustainability, and supporting rural environments.

The first is Carolina Fernández Martín, who received Asaja’s 6th National Award for Young Farmers in 2020. She will represent Spain at the Europe-wide competition, which will be held in Brussels. Carolina and her partners run Casa Gutier, a Toledo-based company which produces beef that’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. They use a sustainable model and, during the last four months of their cattle’s life, they give them food made onsite with unsaturated fatty acids. The result is beef that is “easier to digest, full of flavor, easier to preserve and, in short, healthier,” according to revistas.eleconomista.es.

Juan Diego Marín, who took home the Asaja Award for the Most Innovative Farmer, is the driving force behind the 2018 Connatur Moringa From Conil initiative. Through this project, 20,000 trees were planted with a view to producing moringa powder as a nutraceutical with several distinguishing characteristics, including the fact that the leaves are collected at precisely the right moment and production is 100% organic.

Lastly, there’s Elena Soberón Pidal, who took home the Asaja Award for the Most Sustainable Farmer. This 21-year-old is a stellar cheesemaker and she makes PDO Cabrales cheeses and a traditional Arangas cheese. She has plans to add more sheep and goats to her portfolio at Quesería Soberón and produce more mixed milk cheeses as she recovers old traditions as part of her cheesemaking processes.


Photo by: Casa Gutier.


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