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Fried Castilblanco cheese fingers with Cornicabra olive jam


Dip the Castilblanco cheese fingers in egg and breadcrumbs and then fry in extra virgin olive oil. Drain well. This cheese is at its best for frying about 2 weeks after it was made. Make a light caramel with the sugar, add the Cornicabra olive flesh and cook slowly until all the water has evaporated and the olives are beginning to caramelize. Remove from the heat and add a little raw, grated ginger.

Spanish recipe: Fried Castilblanco cheese fingers with Cornicabra olive jam. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.



Serve the fried Castilblanca cheese on a bed of Cornicabra olive jam. 

Chef's Remark:

"Cheese and olives have always been staple foods for shepherds and this dish aims to pay tribute to them. In fact, I think olives should be a permanent fixture on Spanish cheese boards."
Preparation by: Dani García

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