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Partridge in the classic Alcántara-style


Stuff the partridges with the foie gras and truffle and marinate in the port for 12 hours. Drain, then brown in the duck lard over a high flame. Transfer to an oven dish, pour over a little port, cover and cook in the oven for three hours at 175ºC / 347ºF. When cooked, remove the partridges from the cooking dish and reduce the sauce.

Spanish recipe: Partridge in the classic Alcántara-style. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


Serve the whole partridge at the center of the plate, opening it up a little to reveal the filling. Also separate the breast from the leg. Season with salt and pepper and add a little of the reduced cooking juices. Decorate with a petunia flower bud and a cardoon.

Chef's Remark:

"This may well be one of the oldest of monastic recipes. It was found in the late 17th-century in the San Benito de Alcántara Convent in Cáceres. The updated version includes three top-ranking culinary products: black truffle, foie gras and port. The result is a very aromatic dish with a hint of sweetness that comes from the long cooking, similar to what happens with chocolate."
Preparation by: César Ráez

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