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Marinated sardines with strawberry and cheese sauces


Cover the sardines with salt and leave for 4 hours. Remove the salt, fillet and set aside. Cook the chopped onion in the oil together with the black pepper, clove, thyme and peeled garlic cloves. Add the sardine bones and fry while stirring, then add the vinegar and water and cook for one hour until the desired taste is acquired. Strain, and separate 250g / 1 1/8 cups / 9 fl oz pickle sauce and add a sheet of gelatin. Make a caramel with the sugar, add the vinegar and cook to form a syrup. When cold, add the chopped strawberries. Cook the ingredients at 80ºC / 175ºF for 20 minutes. Strain, leave to cool and whisk until the consistency of whipped cream.

Spanish recipe: Marinated sardines with strawberry and cheese sauces. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


To serve, place the sardine pickle jelly on the base of the dish, and surround with a little cream of cheese. Place the strawberries at the center and top with the sardines. Garnish with the dried onion and chopped chives.

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