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Type: Andalusia Cuisine, Spanish Cuisine

A creative tribute, with an avant-garde influence, to the traditional cuisine of Andalusia and to the gastronomic influences and products of North Africa. Striking presentation and use of the best business raw material, above all fish and seafood. The star produce is fish from the Bay of Cádiz, which is not so surprising given that Ángel León, the "Chef of the Sea" who won his first Michelin star in 2010, loves to go and catch it himself, in the early hours, to be served during the day in Aponiente.

This happens late Sunday night until the early hours of Monday, when he goes out to fish, and on Monday during the day the fish is served to diners. His culinary contributions include impregnating the flavor of the fish with the smoke of woods such as olive stones and Sherry barrels, and the ultra-filtration of juices from foods through seaweed.

The innovative spirit of Ángel León and his researchs led him to create the Ibéricos del Mar (Ibéricos from the Sea) presented at gastronomic congress Madrid Fusión 2011. These maritime versions of Spanish cured sausages employ the same processes as pork-based chorizo, salchichón, butifarra and so on, but use fish instead of meat.

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Aponiente restaurant in Puerto de Santa María.


Calle Francisco Cossi Ochoa, s/n

El Puerto de Santa María




(+34) 956 051 154

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