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White chocolate spanish bomba rice pudding and Kadki persiMon® sorbet


• Make a ganache with the cream and the chocolate, add the butter. Reserve. Cook the rice and milk together slowly, until the milk is absorbed. Add the sugar, and then fold in the cold white chocolate ganache.

For the Kaki persiMon sorbet:

• In a blender put the persiMon® and make a fine puree. Heat the water. Make a dry mix with the sugar and stabilizer. When the water reaches 45/50°C, pour in the dry mix and dextrose. Stir and bring up to 85°C. Leave to mature for 3 hours in the refrigerator. Add the syrup and lemon juice into the persiMon® pure. Blend well before placing in the ice-maker. Store at -18°C.


Place in a soup plate, 4 spoons of rice pudding, on top place a scoop of persiMon®, drizzle with a reduction of Spanish sweet Xerry wine. Enjoy,!

White chocolate spanish bomba rice pudding

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