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Extremadura escabeche of turtledove with cod and low-temperature egg


Cook the turtledoves with the onion, bay leaf, red pepper, green pepper, lemon rind, oil, white wine, vinegar, garlic and salt for two hours. When cooked, remove the turtledove and vegetables and reduce the cooking liquid. Add the flaked cod to the reduced liquid and confit over very low heat for five minutes. Meanwhile, cook the eggs for thirty minutes but without letting the water boil.

Spanish recipe: Extremadura escabeche of turtledove with cod and low-temperature egg. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


Arrange all the vegetables at the center of the plate, add the cod and then top with the turtledove and the low-temperature cooked egg cut in half. Finally, drizzle the dish with the reduction and decorate with a bay leaf, thyme and lemon rind.

Chef's Remark:

"This is a dish that used to be served at special gatherings of family and friends, so, for the locals, it is reminiscent of good times and good company. The unusual combination of ingredients is today cooked in a different way, but the flavors blend well on the palate. This is traditional cooking based on the best of local produce."
Preparation by: César Ráez

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