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Beefsteak tomato preserve with Gillardeau oysters, peas, asparagus and scallion


Peas, asparagus and scallions:
Blanch and cool the vegetables and add a little salt.

Beefsteak tomato preserve:
First place the tomatoes in an airtight glass jar and blanch. When cool, remove the skin and seeds and transfer to another glass jar with a basil leaf and a little xtra virgin olive oil. Steam for 45 minutes at 90ºC / 194ºF. Leave to cool, then pour off any liquid and slowly reduce it.

Gillardeau oysters:
Open the oysters. Beat the water from the oysters with the lemon juice and soy lecithin to create an
air of oyster and lemon.

Spanish recipe: Beefsteak tomato preserve with Gillardeau oysters, peas, asparagus and scallion. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


First plate the tomato with the cauliflower in vinegar, reduced tomato juice, asparagus, scallions, peas and pea flowers. Then arrange the oysters on top with the oyster and lemon air, and sprinkle with salt flakes.

Chef's Remark:

"We consider beefsteak tomatoes to be one of the best varieties, and the idea of this recipe is to offer them all year round; as a result, we make our own tomato preserve and serve it in a surprising way with vegetables and Gillardeau oysters." Preparation by: Oriol Rovira

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