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Buenos días España - Soft boiled quail eggs on a mound of bread crumbs topped with Manchego Cheese foam and shaved Jamón Ibérico


• Wash, clean and process all necessary ingredients.

• Combine water, white vinegar and a pinch of salt in a medium sized pot. Bring to a boil.

• Add quail eggs and cook for about a minute and a half. Place in ice bath. Peel eggs and place in water. Set aside.

• Place cream in medium sized sauce pan and scald. Whisk in Manchego cheese until smooth. Add smoked Pimentón and xanthum gum and whisk till it starts to thicken. If a thermo mixer is available, combine all ingredients and mix at 50 degrees Celsius till smooth. Set aside.

• In a large frying pan, heat a small amount of olive oil and toast bread till golden brown, tossing constantly. Season with salt and lemon juice. Finish with parsley.

• Place Manchego cheese espuma in siphon bottle. Charge twice to obtain a nice airy consistency.

• Assemble dish for plating – 4 tapas portions

• Place bread crumbs on bottom of dish. Top with quail eggs and Manchego cheese espuma. Shave jamón on top.

Buenos dias España - IMG

Chef's Remark:
When I think about tapas, I think creativity. It’s a great way to pack a punch with a few bites and it introduces people to flavours and foods that they may have not tried before. Using Spanish ingredients that are typical in many tapas dishes focuses on tradition but also gives way to reinvent flavours that have been tried and tested. As I create dishes that reflect Spanish Gastronomy, I hope to infuse my own personal touch. Preparation by: Jeffrey Miranda
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