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October 01 2021  - October 14 2021

About the event

Cuisine's avant-garde meets wine cellar's diversity

The Eat & Drink Spain weeks will start on 1 October 2021 in seven German cities and eight top restaurants: The finest menus with high-quality products from Spain and the versatility and dynamism of Spanish wines, are waiting to be discovered. The highlight of the Eat & Drink Spain Weeks 2021 will be the elegant, Mediterranean wines from the island of Mallorca, which are the perfect choice for southern cuisine. And the cool, crisp Albariños from the Rías Baixas wine-growing region in the north-west - excellent accompaniments to fish and seafood. But in addition to the wines of the two guest regions, visitors can also taste Spanish wines from the respective restaurant menus in the open tap and immerse themselves in the taste contrasts of the most diverse Spanish terroirs.


Unique Wine Tastings Planned as Part of Enofusión / @IStock


Canned food

The History Behind Canned Food: a Delicious, Versatile and Healthy Way to Eat at Any Time

Canned food is a delicious, versatile and healthy way to enjoy a meal at any time of the year. We enjoy sardines, white tuna, octopus, piquillo peppers and many other can-ripened products thanks to the highly refined way the food is cured and preserved in the cans.


Spanish Chorizo Exports on the Rise in France, Germany and the UK

Exports of Chorizo with the Chorizo Consortium’s seal increased by 65% in 2020, reflecting the popularity of this quality product in Europe.

Spanish chorizo. Photo by: @ICEX

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