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November 15 2021

Mar 13, 2019

José Andrés and the Adriàs to Open Upscale Restaurant in Mercado Little Spain

The massive food hall is set to open on March 15th, but a high-end restaurant could be in the works and open at a later date

 José Andrés and the Adriàs to Open Upscale Restaurant in Mercado Little Spain

As José Andrés, and Ferran and Albert Adrià put the finishing touches on their biggest project to date, the Mercado Little Spain food hall, which is slated to open to the public on March 15th, it turns out they’re thinking about teaming up for yet another venture.

There is talk that the trio is considering launching a super high-end restaurant inside the market, though the details are hush hush at the moment.

That being said, it’s worth noting that the three of them have already planned three restaurants to be up and running inside the market although those locales will be casual and not at all upscale. This possibility is exciting given that, although the three chefs have now or have had hugely successful restaurants around the world, none of them have any in New York City.

As for the businesses set to open inside Mercado Little Spain, on the 15th New Yorkers will be able to eat at Bar Celona, a cocktail bar with plenty of vermouth on offer; Bravas, a kiosk selling fried potatoes and a range of sauces; Churros which, as the name suggests, is a churros and chocolate stand; and The Colmado, a store which will sell canned seafood, cookbooks and plenty of Spanish products.

Other part of the market will open at a later date, including their three full-service restaurants: Spanish Diner, with diner-style homemade Spanish food; Mar, which will serve mainly stews and seafood; and Leña, which will have a wood and charcoal grill and specialize in paella and other rice dishes as well as meats.

José Andrés and the Adriàs to Open Upscale Restaurant in Mercado Little Spain / @Mercado Little Spain

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