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News | Oct 31 2019

Olive Oil Lovers Brings Exclusive Early-Harvest Spanish Novello Oil to the US

The company has teamed up with award-winning olive oil producers Oro del Desierto and Oro Bailen, in Andalusia, to bring these oils to US consumers

Novello Oil to the US

There’s a unique product available in the US, thanks to Olive Oil Lovers, one of the top importers and retailers of extra virgin olive oils. Limited-edition Novello olive oils are now available to consumers in America, thanks to an exclusive venture between Olive Oil Lovers and two producers from Andalusia, Oro del Desierto, in Tabernas, and Oro Bailen, in Jaén. Both companies have received many awards and distinctions and are currently considered to be among the best producers in the world. The former harvests its olives by hand and then cold presses them using 100% renewable energy, within the first eight hours after they’re collected. The latter is run by the Gálvez-Gónzalez family, which is fully committed to traceability in the production process.

The Novello olive oils are the freshest and most flavorful, as they’re made strictly with olives from the beginning of the harvest season. They are unique in that they’re “crushed from green, early harvest olives and bottled immediately… [providing] a bright, nuanced flavor that captures the terroir of the land where they were produced,” according to oliveoillivers.com. These are truly special oils that can be used by home cooks and professional chefs, adding an extra flavorful touch to a wide range of dishes.

Novello Oil to the US / Photo by: @Novello

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