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News | Nov 19 2019

Bodegas Beronia’s New Winery Recognized for its Sustainable Design

The winery has received LEED precertification for its eco-efficient design and low environmental impact, among other factors.

New Beronia winery in DOCa Rioja.

A Spanish winery has received a very special distinction. Bodegas Beronia’s new winery has been deemed the most efficient and sustainable in all of Europe. The facilities are the first on the continent to receive LEED precertification (Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design), an internationally recognized symbol of sustainable construction authorized by the US Green Building Council.

Beronia’s new winery is a unique building in DOCa Rioja with an environmentally friendly design that aligns with eco-efficiency standards. It has a low environmental impact and fits in seamlessly with the landscape and the vineyards around it. The winemakers will use this new winery to produce their signature wines as well as their reservas and gran reservas.

Much of the building is underground, which reduces its impact on the landscape while also harnessing the power of gravity. It will also employ technology to leverage the natural temperature of the soil to cool the winery and heat or cool water, depending on the time of year, thereby reducing energy consumption. The technology also ensures that the temperature remains stable, providing optimal conditions for both tourists and employees as well as for the wine.

The final goal for Beronia was to “use a holistic approach to design the winery, where all of the elements that comprise it affect the development of the wines that they make,” according to sobrelias.com. The result? Exceptional wines from a highly unique winery.


New Beronia winery in DOCa Rioja.
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