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Sep 16 2019  11:30 - 19:30 h

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Foods and wines from Spain by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is organizing the event Garnacha Day in Sweden. This event is aimed at promoting Wines from Spain through the autochthonous variety Garnacha with an educational profile. Modernity, innovation and sustainability are some of the features that the describe the wine sector in Spain and we would like those to be represented this day.  

The Garnacha Day will consist on the following three parallel actions, which will take place in the same venue:

  • Master Class on Garnacha conducted by Fernando Mora MW: this tasting will take the participants on a trip across Spain along this variety. Throughout 8 wines the current situation of the sector in Spain will be presented.
  • Fair for importers: in the same location, an exhibition of importers working with Spanish wines of this grape variety (red and white Garnachas) will be arranged.
  • Exposition of different producing areas where Garnacha is one of the main varieties: participation as exhibitors of several Regulatory Councils for Denomination of Origin (CRDO's), or other regional institutions gathering producers working with these varieties. They will have the opportunity of presenting what is being done in the Spanish wine sector through new producers not represented in the Swedish market and providing information about their areas.

Garnacha - Swedish

Garnacha Day will take place at Operaterrassen, Operakällaren. The opening hours will be:

  • From 11.30 to 17.00 - for professionals
  • From 17.30 to 19.30 - for final consumers (150 SEK ticket per person)

The Master Class, for professionals only, will be given in two sessions:

  • 1st session: 11.30 - 13.00
  • 2nd session: 14.30 - 16.00

If you want further information about any of the exhibitors, please, don´t hesitate to contact the Trade Commission of Spain in Sweden. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Garnacha Day 01
Garnacha Day 02
Garnacha Day 03

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