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Eat Spain Drink Spain focuses on showcasing food and wines from Spain to the British public with the aim of demonstrating the quality and diversity the Spanish products. In order to do so, we celebrate Spain’s gastronomy every year through a series of events across the United Kingdom.

In 2018 we had the opportunity to show the potential of Spanish food and wines in consumer wine tastings, masterclasses, promotions with wine merchants, restaurants and bars, as well as wine dinners.

In 2018 we had the honour of collaborating closely with well-known wine personalities such as Tim Atkin MW in Cambridge, Laura Clay in Birmingham, or the Three Wine Men in an array of cities.

About the events

Wine Shows

Eat Spain Drink Spain took part in 6 wine shows in 6 different locations across the UK that taught visitors the different qualities and layers of Spanish wines. Thanks to the group of experts that participated in each show, we had the opportunity to talk about the range of wines and how they were all winners from the 2018 Wines from Spain Awards.

The Eat Spain Drink Spain Masterclasses:

Headed up by one of the wine personalities from the shows, each masterclass featured a selection of Wines from Spain Awards winners and were matched with some classic Spanish foods.

We also engaged leading wine writer, wine judge and Caballero Charles Metcalfe to run two masterclasses for us at the popular food and drink festival ‘Foodies Festival’ which are held across the country. 

The Promotions

We collaborated with independent wine merchants and wine bars to promote a selection of Spanish wines and food. The promotions applied in a tailor-made manner that worked best for every party. Some of examples from this edition are instore tastings, tutored sit-down tastings, a special Spanish table at their annual Christmas Wine Fair, etc.

With a strong digital campaign backing the promotion, the combination of online and face-to-face activities enabled us to reach 55,288 targeted consumers with our message of Eat Spain Drink Spain, putting Spanish foods and wines “in the hands” to over 6,000 people across the UK.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with any news of upcoming events @SpanishWinesUK 


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