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Wines From Spain x CHUM-FM





Oct 19 2020  00:00 h  - Nov 13 2020  00:00 h

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We've started campaign on October 19th for 4 consecutive weeks with an occurrence from Mon-Fri in Meredith Shaw's show in Chum-FM.




Spanish wines reached a crossroads in Canada. Wine enthusiasts are looking to discover new products and regions, and where Wines from Spain are a fittingo choice to meet consumer's needs: diversity, wide range of options, novelty, easy-to-drink or complex wines, products that can easily be paired with the food they like, etc. Though this campaign with CHUM-FM, we are aiming to promote Wines from Spain in Ontario, both for its intrinsic characteristics and for its image of quality.


Food lovers, wine enthusiasts and lovers will be able to learn more about what makes us different:

  •  From sea level to Europe's highest altitute vineyards
    • Variations in altitudes, geography and soil
    • Diversity of native varietals
    • Tradition and innovation: new generation of producers paving the way to change with branding and packaging
  • Accesibility
    • Wide product variety
    • Products for all tastes and for all budgets
    • Fresh, fun an lively image
    • Suitable for any occasion
  • Culture & Origin
    • Spanish culture and heritage
    • Light-hearted spirit
    • Bringing friends and family together
Spanish Wines. Photo: @ICEX
Spanish wines from DO La Mancha
Spanish wines from DO Rueda. Photo by: @ICEX
Spanish red wines. Photo by: Fernando Madariaga/@ICEX
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