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Oct 14 2021  19:30 - 21:00 h

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Icex, Foods and Wines from Spain and the Spanish Embassy Commercial Office in Copenhagen in collaboration with the Cheese Trader's Association for Denmark (The Association of Cheese Shops in Denmark) arranges an online tasting of cheeses with the aim of promoting the presence and knowledge of this product in the country.


The event will be held on October 14, 2021 and will consist of a tasting commentary by Catherine Fogel, Maître Fromager and owner of Gastro Import. She will present 10-12 cheeses to the professional public in Denmark.


This event is aimed at the professional sector of cheese traders and journalists to inform, arouse interest and show the potential that Spanish cheeses have. In this way, they can disseminate knowledge to their customers and, in the case of journalists, to their readers.


Cheese sales in Denmark have increased since 2015 and reached 990 million euros in 2020. Although Denmark is one of the largest cheese producers and exporters, the level of cheese imports from other European countries increased in the period 2015-2020 by 7% in volume and 19% in value. This development gives the idea that the average price of imported cheese is growing, which is accompanied by an increase in quality.


Catherine Fogel Catherine Fogel Profile
Catherine has been in the food business since 2002. Specialized in cheese and olive oil. Professional Olive Oil taster from ONAOO (Italian National Organization for Olive Oil tasters). Official panel leader. Maître Fromager since 2008 and ambassador for the Scandinavian countries for the International Cheese Society.

Catherine has a well-developed sense of smell and taste which she has cultivated and further developed throughout her life. She was the first Dane admitteed to the international cheese lodge Guilde des Fromagers and named Maître Fromager, which is the highest honor within this field. In 2011 she received the honorary title of Ambassador for the Scandinavian countries for her dissemination of knowledge about cheese.
She holds conferences for professionals and consumers, for Culinary Schools, chefs and purchasing managers in the food business.Besides, she has been member of the jury in many international food related competitions all over the world: Worlds Cheese Awards, Copa Jerez, Mondial du Fromage, Native Cooking Awards etc.

Catherine´s multicultural background awoke her interest for Spanish food, wine and culture and she has worked hard in order to build knowledge about Spanish cheese in Denmark. She is perfectly fluent in Spanish as well as six other languages.

She has been Gastro-Import Purchasing Director for Denmark, Norway and Sweden.and Sourcing Manager for new products since 2002. She also works at the Supply chain management.

Catherine is also owner and CEO of Olivoteque since 2018, a Danish Company providing gourmet tours and high quality olive oil

 Participants will receive the samples so they will be able to taste alongside the online presentation.






Artisan Manchego cheese. Different cures and presentations


Artequeso Quesos Manchegos SL

DOP Manchego / Castila La Mancha

 Buenalba, raw milk cheeses spiced with paprika, rosemary and red wine without added sulfites


Artequeso Quesos Manchegos SL

DOP Manchego / Castila La Mancha

 Handcrafted Cheese with raw milk from Merina's herds, vegetable rennet and salt


Arteserena SL

DOP Queso de la Serena - Badajoz

 Artisanal goat cheese with pasteurized milk from florida bred farms, ferments, lysoenzyme, calcium chloride, rennet and salt



Arteserena SL


DOP Queso de la Serena - Badajoz

 Semicured cheese with paprika coating. pasteurized majorera goat milk


 Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura SL

DOP Majorero - Fuerteventura


  Cured Mixed Cheese. Pasteurized milk sheep rennet. 6 Months Healing. Refined with olive oil baths


Lácteos Martínez slu

DOP Manchego / Castila La Mancha

 White Rey Silo. Cow milk cheese. Raw milk Lactic coagulation. Animal rennet. Maturation between 25 and 45 days


Madera López Ernesto 000673138S SL DOP Afuega'l Pitu - Asturias


 Blue Rey Silo. Cow mil cheese. Raw milk Mixed coagulation. Animal rennet. Maturation of more than 6 months


Madera López Ernesto 000673138S SL

DOP Afuega'l Pitu - Asturias



To make your journey through Spanish cheeses even more appetizing, we are going to accompany it with four products that are usually consumed in these types of occasions and which will further enrich this experience.


Special gourmet artisan bread with organic extra virgin olive oil and salt without additives.


Fig products: dried figs, figs and fruits breads and jams made with dried figs from Almoharín, in different flavours.


• Special gourmet artisan bread with organic extra virgin olive oil and salt without additives
                 Vicent Pan SI  (Castellón, Valencia)


• Dried figs
                 Regadhigos  SCL (Almoharín, Cáceres)


• Fruits breads
                 Regadhigos  SCL (Almoharín, Cáceres)


• Jams made with dried figs from Almoharín, in different flavours
                 Regadhigos  SCL (Almoharín, Cáceres





Spanish cheese map.



Spanish cheese
Spanish goat cheeses. Photo: Juan Manuel Sanz/@ICEX
PDO Queso Palmero
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