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SAQ (Société des Alcools du Québec) is the alcoholic beverages ‘Liquor Board’ of the province of Quebec. Quebec is the most important province for Spanish wine in Canada. This province represents 51% of all Spanish wine imported into Canada, followed by Ontario with 25%. (Source: Page 20 ICEX Market Study: “El mercado del Vino en Canadá 2019”. Data measured in value).

The SAQ Inspire - Spanish White Wines Week campaign (July 26th to August 1st 2020) will be focused on promoting Spanish white wines in general, which are already present in the Liquor Board’s stores, to the public in Quebec who are members of the SAQ Inspire program.

              Website SAQ Inspire
              Video SAQ Inspire

A limited number of emails and offers will be sent to these members, specifically to those who have already purchased wines from Spain on other occasions, as the person to whom the promotion is addressed will be selected according to the consumer's tastes, preferences and purchase history.

The members of the SAQ Inspire program will have 7 days from initial date of the promotion to buy the wines, presenting their SAQ Inspire membership card at the point of sale. They can take advantage of all the offers that have been sent to them during the period of this promotional campaign.

The Spanish White Wine offers will be sent through:

-SAQ Inspire Newsletter, which is sent weekly every Thursday

-The Mobile App

-The website, in My Inspire Zone

-The in-store terminal and the RF reader, two tools that SAQ employees use to improve the customer experience and the information they receive about the product.

Spanish white wines. Fernando Madariaga/@ICEX
Spanish white wines. Fernando Madariaga/@ICEX
Spanish white wines. Fernando Madariaga/@ICEX
Spanish white wines. Fernando Madariaga/@ICEX

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