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Apr 01 2022  00:00 h  - Oct 31 2022  00:00 h

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Wines From Spain has launched the USA Pre-Selling Program to help guide Spanish wineries through the introduction, expansion and consolidation of their wines with in the Three-Tier commercial system in the United States. The program will take place over the next several months and will offer Spanish wineries the opportunity to directly and quickly reach the retail sector, as well as give US importers the ability to efficiently receive samples from participating companies and distribute them to their network of buyers.


The innovative program aims to ease the obstacles presented by the mandated three steps of the three-tier system.  This current system can often result in a long and difficult road for US market entry:  an international winery needs at least one importer, one distributor and a wide network of restaurants and retails stores in order to market and sell its wines. Posing an additional challenge for the winery, is that each of the 50 states that form the United States have their own specific regulations for the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages. This can be a significant handicap for any winery seeking to open markets in multiple states.


The structure of the Pre- Selling program consists of three phases, which will give wineries, importers, distributors and retailers the opportunity to interact on the same stage, take advantage of available resources, synergies generated, and ultimately facilitate the expansion of Spanish wines in the United States.


  • Phase 1: Search and select US importers to profile participating wines, in the context of those carried and promoted in the US market.
  • Phase 2: Once the wines are paired with importers, they are sent to them for tasting.
  • Phase 3: The wines are sent to the distributors who will then send them to their restaurant and retail customers.


In order to facilitate the process, virtual meetings will be held between the importer and the Spanish company, in which the wines presented and the projects to be developed will be shared.


More than 200 professionals from the wine sector in the United States are expected to participate, including importers, distributors, restaurants and stores.


Participating wines will also have a special role and will be presented in this year’s Spain's Great Match in New York on October 11, a benchmark event for Spanish food and wines in the US market where wineries interact with wine professionals, buyers and  food and wine specialized press.


The USA Pre-Selling Program by Wines from Spain will end with the organization of a trade trip to Spain for a select group of American importers, who will tour the wineries that participate in this program.



 USA Pre-Selling program by Wines from Spain


See below for a full list of participating Spanish wineries:


Pago Casa Gran
Bodega Casas De Moya S.L.
Bodega La Remediadora
The Bargiela Bienati Winery
Just B Galicia Wines S.L.
Bodegas Puente De Rus
Ferratus D.O. Ribera Del Duero
Bodega Señorío Del Júcar - Spndrinks
Bodegas Monte La Reina
Javier Sanz Viticultor
Alto De Inazares
Can Rafols Dels Caus
Cellarmasters Bodegas Otero
Bodegas Aradón
Bodegas Fariña
Fincas De Azabache
Bodegas Rodriguez Y Sanzo
Grupo Sonsierra
Parajes Del Valle Bodegas Y Viñedos S.L
Bodegas Del Saz
Bodegas Yuntero


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