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Dec 18 2020

Spain’s Craft Beer Industry Experiences Exponential Growth

Beer is an integral part of Spaniards’ social lives and brewers are experimenting and creating unique beers, which have become very popular

Beer is a very important part of Spanish culture and it has a very extensive presence. Spaniards have a tradition of meeting friends and colleagues for cañas (small glasses of beer) after work, in the evenings and on the weekends, and it’s usually accompanied by a small plate of food, like tapas. In fact, beer is the cold beverage with the largest impact on the Spanish economy. Moreover, almost 90% of the beer consumed in Spain is brewed domestically.

For many years Spain didn’t have a very strong beer culture and only a small range of beers were available to consumers. However, that has changed. As Spaniards started to travel abroad, they would return home with a desire to drink the same “exotic” flavors they tried in other countries. This gave rise to the craft beer movement in Spain, which has grown exponentially over the last 12 years.

Spanish craft brewers are also focused on sustainability, using spent brewing grains to produce animal feed and pellets for heat generation. And they also continue to innovate and bring new flavors and products to consumers while focusing on international expansion and new markets. There is considerable scope for growth, and as Spanish craft beers are unique and reflect the flavors of Spain, beer drinkers everywhere need only take one sip to feel like they’ve been transported to a terrace in Madrid or Barcelona. Discover more in this video with interviews to Cerveceros de España, Cervezas La Virgen and Cervezas Tyris



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