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News | Jan 13 2021

The 10 Most Innovative Spanish Food Startups

With a growing interest in consumer demand for more sustainable solutions, Spanish startups have taken note.


The 10 Most Innovative Spanish Food Startups


Venvirotech is the biotechnology startup that has just secured a cash injection of €2 million in both public and private funding and is now starting another round to further develop its research.

Nucaps develops the encapsulation of active ingredients and probiotics from dietary proteins applied to the nutrition and health field, and is a good example of a university spinoff (University of Navarra, CNTA.) 

Novameat, Cocuus and Natural Machines are all revolutionizing plant-based meat through 3D printing machines, tapping into different food combinations to harness new innovations. The latter and their Foodini machine have even secured grants from the EU Executive Agency for SMEs. 

Spanish startups are pushing for new sources of food production and mainstream consumption

Salamanca's Tebrio mealworm production has a medium-term target to scale up production of 15,000 tonnes of mealworm protein in a year. 

And with new sources of production, comes big responsibility.

Nutrasign uses blockchain technology to digitally clarify the journey of its food, connecting all parties across the supply chain.

H2hydroponics is also harnessing more social responsibility through their high-tech greenhouse, a 250m² paradigm giving rise to more localized production. Spain has a deeply rooted agricultural system, and this startup now exports to over 19 countries. 

In fact, a number of startups are making international waves.

Cell culture company Cubiq foods bumped up its funding with a €5 million round to go commercial in 2021 and Proppos recently closed a €750,000 round led by Banco Sabadell. Their goal? To empower retail and restaurant tech clients through the use of big data. 

Consumer interests are shifting and investors seek increasingly more return on their capital through innovative solutions. With over 400 startups and growing Spain is in the running to become the next “foodtech nation” worldwide.

The 10 Most Innovative Spanish Food Startups

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