News | Jun 12 2018

Riojan Wines and Foods Takes the Stage in the Czech Republic

Two special tastings were held, featuring wines from La Rioja, for trade professionals and government representatives


Riojan wine and food were recently in the spotlight in the Czech Republic, thanks to a very special event called Taste Spain, organized by the Spanish Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Office in Prague, Turespaña, and the Centro Riojano de Madrid.

The objective was to promote both the region as well as its products, and to network with local professionals, enabling companies to either strengthen their position in the country or achieve an initial foothold there. The activity was viewed as extremely positive by all participants.

This particular event was organized into two tastings, catering to different guests. The first was strictly for trade professionals, while the second tasting was private, and attendees were mainly members of government agencies, such as ambassadors and ministers.

A total of five wineries too part: Bodegas Vinícola Real, Finca Valdeguinea, Bodegas Riojanas, Viñedos Hermanos Hernáiz, and Vivanco. Châpeau Wines provided the gin and vermouth, and the gourmet food products came from Conservas Serrano, Pastelería Lacal, and Patés Artesanos y Embutidos Alto Iregua.


Rioja wines

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