News | Aug 10 2018

Cinco Jotas Launches Delectable Salchichón

The new Salchichón de Bellota 100% Ibérico is a first for this venerated company.



Mention Jabugo ham products and iconic Spanish company Cinco Jotas will undoubtedly come to mind. Not only is this historic company known throughout the world for its tradition and craftsmanship when it comes to making exquisite, 100% Ibérico ham products, but also for its championship of this Spanish region and the excellence of its products.


Now, the company has a new notch in its belt with the launch of its first 100% Ibérico bellota salchichón, a cured sausage that is made from lean cuts of pork and tenderloin taken from the edge of the hams, in accordance with traditional methods used in this part of Huelva (Andalusia).


The cuts of meat (which are hand carved) are mixed with nutmeg, ground black and white pepper, and sea salt, and cured in natural surroundings for between four and six months. 


As with all of the products from this historic company (founded in 1879), both consumers and gastronomy professionals can expect great things from this new Cinco Jotas product.

Photo Dehesa cinco jotas

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