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News | Jul 15 2019

Bodegas Fuentes del Silencio Joins Grandes Pagos de España

The winery is now a part of the select association of bodegas dedicated to creating wines with a personality that showcases the land from which they come

Bodegas Fuentes del Silencio

Big news for Bodegas Fuentes del Silencio! The León-based winery is now part of Grandes Pagos de España, a non-profit association comprising 29 wineries from all over Spain with a common and specific philosophy: they make outstanding wines that showcase the harmony between nature, soil and climate. One of the requirements for joining the association is to produce wine with a unique personality that reflects the exceptional land and vineyard from which it comes.

This is the first winery in the province to join the prestigious group, and its founder said, “We are thrilled to be a part of Grandes Pagos de España as it offers us the possibility of improving thanks to a group of people that represent the crème de la crème of Spanish wineries. This opportunity will help us raise awareness and highlight the wonderful centuries-old vineyards in Jamuz Valley.”

Fuentes de Silencio’s facilities expand over 30 hectares, comprising more than 100 organic micro-plots. Winemaking had all but disappeared from this area, but the winery is working diligently to bring back traditional varieties in the area. The bodega is located in a unique area in terms of climate and geology and it is dedicated to letting nature take its course during the process and intervening as little as possible.

Bodegas Fuentes del Silencio. Photo by: Bodegas Fuentes del Silencio

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