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News | Aug 05 2020

Michelin-Star Restaurant Akelarre Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

 A combination of hard work, humility, talent and persistence helped Pedro Subijana, the chef behind this incredibly singular restaurant, achieve this milestone.

 Spanish chef Pedro Subijana

Michelin-star restaurant Akelarre is celebrating a milestone: its 50th anniversary. Pedro Subijana’s brainchild, located in San Sebastian, first opened its doors on July 31st in 1970. It was a very small operation back then, with a team of just eight, and customers were hard to come by until the restaurant gained some recognition. Pedro considered throwing in the towel, but with a combination of patience, hard work and humility, he persevered. Then, in 1978, the restaurant received its first Michelin star and media attention.

Over the years the business grew. Subijana helped start the “New Basque Cuisine” trend, which focused on the use of seasonal products and lots of innovation and creativity. There followed the creation of the EuroToques chefs’ association, countless TV appearances and book publications, among other activities. Over the years the chef expanded on the property and grew the restaurant. Later, in 2007, they received their third Michelin star after nearly 25 years with two. In 2015, Subijana finally inaugurated his 5-star hotel and a second restaurant, Espazio Oteiza.

Akelarre is located in outside of San Sebastian, in a more rural area, away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city. With views of the Cantabrian Sea and spanning over 1,000 square meters, customers enjoy a truly singular experience.


Spanish chef Pedro Subijana

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