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News | Feb 07 2019

Alain Devahive Opens Olivia Restaurant in Singapore

This new Spanish restaurant will offer modern interpretations of Spanish dishes, mixing textures and temperatures and focusing on intense flavors

Alain Devahive Opens Olivia Restaurant in Singapore

Great news for Singapore: a new Spanish restaurant has joined the dining scene there thanks to Catalan chef Alain Devahive.

His latest project is “a contemporary 21st century Barcelona restaurant,” according to, by the name of Olivia. Now open for business in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood, this new locale can accommodate 70 customers, between the dining room and the bar, and the décor is reminiscent of Barcelona, Empordà and also Ibiza. The kitchen is part of the dining room, which will allow diners to get an inside look as their food is being prepared.

Devahive has compared his latest venture to Tickets in Barcelona, run by Albert Adrià, as he makes a bid to replicate its techniques. And he knows the brothers well, having worked for more than a decade at elBulli and elBulliCatering.

As for the menu, the focus is on “intense flavors and aromas” and on mixing different textures and temperatures, with dishes like octopus with potato foam and crunchy potatoes, black rice with coastal squid, prawn carpaccio, and bean and eel salad. The extensive wine list is primarily made of up Spanish wines.

Singapore is becoming a major destination for fine dining, with top chefs opening up restaurants there, including Alain Ducasse and Anne-Sophie Pic. Other Spanish and Catalan restaurants in the city include Gaig Singapur, by Carles Gaig; and Foc, Foc Sentosa and Pim Pam Foc, by Nandy Jubany.

Alain Devahive Opens Olivia Restaurant in Singapore /

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