News | Nov 14 2017

Berries Boost Economy in Andalusia

More than half of the export trade surplus in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia stems from the berry industry, according to comments made by Gaspar Llanes, the region's Secretary General of the Economy.


Llanes pointed out the importance of this export industry during his inaugural remarks made at last week's International Blueberry Seminar, held in Punta Umbría, Huelva. During his presentation, he attested to the fact that the 880 million euros of positive trade balance stemming from the sale of berries from Huelva represents 59% of Andalusia's total export trade surplus. Llanes went on to say that the province of Huelva is the leader in berry exports in Spain, accounting for 91% of sales. Furthermore, from 2010 to 2016, the province doubled its exports of these products, international sales of which continue to grow.

This growth is particularly striking in terms of blueberry exports, which quadrupled during this same period to 183 million euros last year – a figure which experts expect to increase significantly again this year.

Organized by AGQ Labs and Blueberries Consulting, this is the first time ever that the International Blueberry Seminar has been celebrated in Spain, a choice that emphasizes this country's dedication to research, innovation, production and the export of these products. Year after year this global event, brings together producers, exporters, distributors, academics and other professionals from the world blueberry industry to discuss the present and future of this sector. 

Export sales booming in Spanish region Adrienne Smith/@ICEX

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