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News | Sep 27 2018

Interoliva’s Cardamom Olives Up For Innovation Award at SIAL Paris

The company is seeking to meet growing demand for healthy, innovative products with exotic flavors

Spanish olives: cardamomo olives by Interoliva

SIAL Paris, one of the biggest trade fairs in Europe, is coming up at the end of October, running from the 21st to the 25th. It’s also one of the world’s largest food innovation exhibitions, bringing together leading producers and providing a platform for them to showcase their creations. Several companies will be distinguished with accolades.

One contender this year for an innovation award is Spanish olive producer Interoliva, which has been recognized internationally for its products. It exports 95% of production and has built its reputation on offering high-quality Spanish olives made at state-of-the-art facilities.

Its latest creation, which is nominated for a SIAL Innovation Award, is Cardamom Olives—“works of art created with intention in order to balance flavors and sensations.” These are unique, green and black olives with natural green cardamom packed in peel-off easy-to-open tins. They will be officially launched in November.

The company did extensive research before deciding on cardamom as the official new flavor, and took into consideration “growing demand for exotic spices” and “the increase in new taste preferences of consumers.” Cardamom is also believed to have positive effects on health, such as improving gastrointestinal disorders and improving blood circulation to the lungs.

At the moment, the company is presenting its olives before SIAL Innovation Paris 2018’s Grand Jury with the hope of receiving official recognition for its innovative product.






Spanish olives
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