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News | May 22 2019

Castillo de Canena Launches Unique Arbequina & Harissa Olive Oil

The olive oil producer is no stranger to original oils, as it has a series of products including biodynamic olive oil and thematic oils from different continents

Unique Arbequina & Harissa Olive Oil / @Castillo de Canena

Leading Spanish olive oil company Castillo de Canena is at it again, this time innovating with a new flavored oil called Arbequina & Harissa. This product is an original recipe from the company, and offers “an explosion of spicy, balanced and fresh flavors.” Castillo de Canena uses its extra virgin Arbequina olive oil and infuses it with harissa, a typical condiment from northern Africa that contains dry red peppers, cayenne, garlic, coriander and caraway seeks. The result is a refreshing oil that can be added to a wide range of foods, from sandwiches, French fries and corn to hamburgers, chicken wings, ribs and salad.

Said the company, “We conducted exhaustive research into the world of harissa, and the tradition and use of different spices associated with the Mediterranean culture. Then we prepared a special and unique variation that maximizes the fruit and herbs in the Arbequina oil, creating an exceptional spice and freshness.”

Castillo de Canena is no stranger to innovative olive oils, and has no shortage of unique products, among them Arbequina oil with smoked oak; biodynamic organic olive oil; their Arbequina World series with flavors from Asia, Europe, America and Africa; an experimental line of oils that allows customers to appreciate how the oils evolve for three consecutive months; and oils made for leading chefs like Dani García, Paco Roncero, Óscar Velasco and Javier Aranda, among others.

Unique Arbequina & Harissa Olive Oil / @Castillo de Canena

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