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News | Nov 20 2020

New Campaign of Citrus from Spain in Canada

ICEX Spain Trade & Investment and Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food present a new campaign to promote oranges and clementines from Spain in Canada.

Clementines from Spain. Photo by: @ICEX 


The first of its kind, the campaign aims to position Spain as a reliable supplier of high-quality early oranges and Clementines for the Canadian market. To do so, the campaign taps into the country’s colorful lifestyle to transport viewers to a sunny morning in Spain. Encompassing an advertising, public relationships and point of sale campaign, this initiative is a collaboration between the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Toronto, ICEX (ICEX Spanish Trade and Investment), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA). Spain has a long-standing tradition of cultivating citrus.

The country is one of the largest producers in the world, thanks to its stable climatological conditions and unique expertise passed down through generations. ICEX and MAPA now look to solidify Spain’s presence in Canada by capitalizing the growth of the citrus market, which has experienced an upward trend during the 2013-2018 period.

Clementine is a hybrid citrus fruit, stemming from the hybridization between mandarin and bitter orange. Spain has been a recognized and established clementine supplier for the Canadian market for many years, and clementine has become one of the top selling fruits from Spain in Canada. Thanks to the unique climatological conditions in which they are harvested, Spanish clementines present a slower ripening process that results in a longer shelf life and an overall higher product quality.

Winter orange also presents an interesting opportunity. From September to June, Spain offers a wide variety of fresh oranges including early-season (Navelinas), mid-season (Lane Late, Navelate or Salustiana) and late-season (Valencia) varieties. Traditionally, U.S. producers, particularly in California and Florida, have participated in different supply time slots. However, due to a recent number of climate disruptions that have occurred in North America, opportunities have been created for producers other than the U.S.. Spain has notably increased its presence in the Canadian market and aims to further strengthen its commercial relationships in the market to become an ongoing trusted partner for retailers and distributors across Canada.


Clementines from Spain. Photo by: @ICEX

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