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News | Jan 09 2019

Four Competitions to be Held as Part of Madrid Fusion 2019

From the search for the best pastry chef from a bakery to the best recipe using mutton, lamb or kid, Madrid Fusion will pit chef against chef

A traditional sandwich (bocadillo). Toya Legido/@ICEX

Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2019 is coming up at the end of the month, and will be held from January 28th to the 30th. This major culinary event, now in its 17th edition, comprises several competitions which will pit top chefs against one another in search of experts in each category.

The first is the Cheese Bites competition, the goal of which is to encourage participants to create tapas and small dishes featuring cheese. This contest is now in its 9th edition and is being sponsored by Lactalis Foodservice Iberia.

There’s also a gourmet sandwich competition, during which participants must make their creations in under one hour. There are several types of bread that they are required to use, such as Summum round bread and organic buckwheat loaf from the sponsor, Saint Honoré.

There’s also a search on for the “Revelation” Pastry Chef, from a restaurant and from a bakery. This competition, now in its second year, will showcase the best pastry chefs in Spain and is being sponsored by Sibari Food Service.

And a new feature this year will be the 1st edition of the Sustainable, All-Natural Kid, Suckling Lamb and Lamb competition. Sponsored by Interovic, the objective is to find the chef with the best recipe using mutton, lamb or kid, with a focus on using new and interesting cuts of meat.


Cheese from Spain. Matías Costa /@ICEX

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