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News | Feb 11 2019

Spanish Restaurant Costera to Open in New Orleans

From Russian salad and octopus to Serrano ham, this new locale will offer a modern take on traditional Spanish flavors

Spanish Restaurant Costera to Open in New Orleans / @Costera

New Orleans is getting a new Spanish restaurant this week and it goes by the name of Costera. A project by Brian Burns and Reno de Ranieri, the duo will start serving Spanish flavors to people in the know.

According to the owners, the focus is on “simple, straightforward, honest dishes with punchy flavors that let the ingredients speak for themselves,” according to They’re drawing on their experience in Spain with this venture, where they ate out, ordered several dishes, rolled up their sleeves and tucked in.

Menu highlights include stew with chorizo, white beans and clams, paella (with duck, ham and chorizo or shrimp, clams, squid and mussels), octopus stuffed with squid ink noodles, Russian salad with boquerones and capers, marinated olives, bread with tomato and garlic, Serrano ham, wine-braised lamb, and garlic prawns, among others. As for the wine list, at least one-third comes from Spanish producers, and it also features a selection of Spanish sherries and cider.

The owners added, “We’re drawing a lot from the tapas flavor profiles and adapting them for the way we eat here… It gives us so much to work with”.

Spanish Restaurant Costera to Open in New Orleans / @Costera

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