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News | Jun 25 2020

Ibéricos COVAP Celebrates 10th Anniversary in the US

They celebrated by launching a new line of all-natural, 100% Ibérico pork products made from free-range Iberico pigs and prepared using traditional methods.

Photo by: Covap Ibéricos

Ibéricos COVAP is celebrating a milestone: its 10th anniversary in the US. COVAP, the Cooperative Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches, founded more than six decades ago in southern Spain, represents 4,500 families “committed to the economic and social development of the region, ensuring the transmission of the livestock tradition to future generations.” It has a closed production cycle, invests heavily in technology and innovation, guarantees animal welfare and ensures strict quality control throughout production.

Today the organization has a presence in 30 different countries, but the US in particular is an integral part of its internationalization strategy. To coincide with its 10th anniversary there, it launched a new all-natural, nitrate-free line of Ibérico products.

Over the course of the last ten years, COVAP has made a name for itself and its 100% Iberico pigs, raised in the Dehesa de la Valle de los Pedroches, home to unique woodlands, a microclimate and the largest area of holm oaks in the world.

Ibéricos COVAP’s new line is a range of excellent quality, 100% Ibérico products that are completely natural and free of artificial ingredients. They come from Ibérico pigs which are raised free-range feeding on acorns and wild grass. The ham is later aged in natural aging rooms by ham-masters using traditional techniques.

Photo by: Covap Ibéricos

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